In this video I go over six principles/rules/considerations (whatever you want to call them) that have helped me during my career as an architect when it comes to designing interiors.

On big budget projects interior design is something that is left to interior designers, however a lot of the time architects end up with this role too, even though we’re generally self-taught and don’t necessarily specialise in the field.

Design is something that is entirely subjective and my style is constantly evolving over the years (so I wont be offended if you think my budget-pseudo-scandi-minimalist-mash-up is subpar). However, I thought it may be worth sharing and hopefully it gives you some inspiration by realising that really anyone can be a designer and how these six principles might help you along the way.

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⏱ Timestamps:

0:00 Intro
0:40 Principle 1: Budget
2:15 Principle 2: Functionality
3:45 Principle 3: Taste
5:15 Principle 4: Palette
6:37 Principle 5: Texture
8:02 Principle 6: Shapes
9:31 Conclusion

Clara Mitchell

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