There are a thousand different designs and prices available for the taps or faucets in the bathroom, but how can you choose the right one for your bathroom when there are a thousand different options? In this section, we will list a few important details that we feel you should pay attention to when selecting this bathroom essential item like buying tapware online. These details are often overlooked in the selection process.

1.Identify your water pressure

It is crucial that your taps have sufficient water pressure in order to provide you with a strong stream of water. Before you choose any particular tap, you should check this factor first, or you can have your plumber measure it for you. Generally, wall-mounted taps and mixers require considerably more water pressure than two separate taps mounted directly to the basin, as they require much more water pressure to operate each one.

2.Inspect the washbasin or washstand for a hole

Make sure you measure the holes in your washbasin or washstand (for both the hot and cold taps) before buying a new faucet. This will ensure that you choose the one that is appropriate after carefully measuring the size of the hole (for housing the water pipe and the tap).

3. Make sure you choose the right style for you

Is it the egg or the chicken that came first? This question doesn’t have a correct answer, and it is basically the same as asking: Should I choose the style of the bathroom according to the type of faucet that I want, or should the bathroom be designed according to the type of faucet that I want? Either choose something that integrates with the rest of the fittings in the bathroom or choose something that represents a complete break or contrast. It is usually impossible to come up with a compromise solution in such cases.

Tap 2

4. Investigate the materials used in the tap

There is no doubt that Palazzani taps are made from only the highest quality materials: brass and chrome with at least a thickness of at least 20 microns are some of the substances that we are most proud of.

5. Make a decision about the finish

You should pay close attention to the finish of the tap, because it can either be a lacquer of a particular color, or a chrome finish, polished or satin brushed to produce a brilliant shine. The chrome plating should be thick enough to provide a sufficient amount of corrosion protection, and materials should be high quality. Cleaning your taps should always be done using a mild detergent, as aggressive chemicals will ruin the chrome finish of your taps.

You can now give free rein to your imagination once you have a few precise technical indicators to guide you. You can find one or more faucets or taps that you like, in a style that matches your ideal bathroom perfectly, in a setting or style that is suitable for your needs.

Clara Mitchell

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