Because brown has been used in interior design for very many years, many homeowners tend to consider brown-painted furniture old school. If by any chance you suspect that your brown cabinets are past their fashionable period, you are not alone. 

While brown was commonly used to design cabinets in the 20th-century, it is less common in the 21st century interior design. Nowadays, many think that brown kitchen cabinets cannot fit in modern interiors 

However, this is not true for there is proof that brown cabinets are compatible with modern-styled interiors. In this article, I will introduce you to tips you can use to fit brown cabinets into a modern kitchen. 

Are Brown Kitchen Cabinets in Fashion?

Although they are not the top trending cabinetry designs, brown cabinets feature among the list of trending designs this year. Below are the reasons why they are currently trending. 

  • Cooler and Neutral Aspects of Color Brown

Brown kitchen cabinets come with cooler undertones that provide a neutral background for color mixing. Hence, with brown cabinets, you can easily include the colors of your choice in your kitchen’s design spectrum. 

Whether you pair them with shiny metallic items or blend them with painted walls and stained flooring, these drawers will complement the overall outlook based on their cool and neutral undertones. 

  • Ease of Maintenance 

Compared to cabinets with light paints, for example, white, blue, and pink cabinets, brown-painted cupboards are defined by simplicity in terms of ease of maintenance. Like black and grey cabinets, they can conceal different types of dirt, from dust to spills. 

Besides this, brown-painted cupboards are less susceptible to impacts and scratches, thanks to the high-quality materials they are designed with. Hence, with them, you can always be sure that you are free from numerous cleaning and repair schedules that more often, are time-taking and expensive. 

  • Compatibility with Multiple Designs

Brown cabinets are actually among the types of cabinets compatible with all kitchen designs, from farmhouse to traditional and contemporary. With their soft and neutral tone, they can look good regardless of whatever they are paired with, from rustic to modern and contemporary hardware and accessories. 

Therefore, if you are one of those homeowners who prefer cabinetry that can allow the shifting of a kitchen from one design to the other in terms of design aesthetics, drawers with brown paint are exactly what you need. 

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How to Make Brown Cabinets Look Modern

If you want your brown-painted cabinets to align with your modern kitchen design, you may first have to make them look modern, especially if they are showing signs of getting old. You should know that brown cabinets, new or old, are adorned with a classic appearance that you must style a bit to blend with modern aesthetics. 

Here are tips on how to modernize brown kitchen cabinets 

  • Incorporate Metallic Materials 

All types of metals, including the likes of gold and stainless steel, have shiny textures that can enhance the outlook of brown kitchen cabinets if blended. Instead of wooded or laminate fixtures, you should install stainless steel, gold, copper, or brass fixtures and hardware on your cabinetry and kitchen in general. 

In modern-day interior design, metallic materials are very common, thanks to the industrial allure they come with, which is a marker of modernity. If you integrate them on your brownish cabinets as accessories, they will help enhance a modern outlook. 

  • Paint or Polish the Cabinets 

Apart from installing metallic accessories, you can polish or even repaint brown kitchen cabinets to revive their looks. The state of the cabinets should tell you whether they need repainting or polishing. Considering the challenges that come with repainting and polishing, you should always consider the following factors before deciding on whether to repaint or not. 

  • Cost of paint and polish
  • Your budget
  • Your design options
  • Tools and resources needed for repainting 
  • Mix Colors 

Color mixing is another approach to reviving the outlooks of brown kitchen cabinets. Brown-stained drawers have a neutral appeal, which implies that they can allow you to mix several colors based on your likes. There are many colors than blend well with brown, from white to blue, and green and so much more. 

  • Refurbish the Cabinets

If repainting and polishing cannot do much to revive the outlook of your brown cabinets, you may have to remodel them. In this respect, you can convert them from open-shelved to closed-shelved designs or even get rid of some compartments. 

Additionally, you can replace their fixtures with modern implements, for example metallic, as I have already noted. All in all, remodelling your brown-painted drawers can prove to be effective in transforming their outlook from classic to modern. 

Are Brown Cabinets Perfect for Modern Kitchens?

Believe it or not, brown kitchen cabinets can fit well in any modern kitchen. Because of their neutral finishes, you can pair them with any modern-looking decorative item, regardless of its color, without making them seem out of place. 

Brown cabinets are also very versatile, which means, they exist in countless varieties. Hence, it should be a guarantee that you can easily find brown cabinets that can align with your modern kitchen design. 

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How Much Are Brown Kitchen Cabinets?

There is definitely no fixed price for brown kitchen cabinets. This is because cabinetries are rated based on design aspects, including size, color, material features, and style. Moreover, most cupboards are priced pa square foot. 

Hence, you need to consider the size, color, and material of the cupboards you want to determine their cost. However, customer reviews on e-commerce platforms dealing with furniture can help you determine the average price. 

The good news is that brown-painted cupboards, compared to their unstained counterparts, are easy to find and so, less-expensive. 

Final Thoughts 

Regardless of the neutral appearance, brown kitchen cabinets can fit in any modern kitchen just like they perfectly fit in classic-styled interiors. Regarding their simple tone, brown-painted cupboards are very easy to style or decorate. Hence, you an easily achieve a truly modern outlook if you opt for them. 

Want to upgrade your kitchen. Talk to us. We have lots of ideas to help you achieve your dream design. 

Clara Mitchell

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