This video is long overdue! I had been buying all the little bits and pieces in order to put my own stamp in my office bathroom and zhuzh it up a little bit, but wasn’t getting the time to film, not until that one afternoon when my daughter decided to sleep solidly for almost two hours!
All of the items used were bought from PRIMARK, Poundland and B&M besides the basket bag that I had bought a year ago from Sostrene Grene.
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Στο κανάλι μου θα βρείτε ΝΕΑ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ στα αγγλικά δύο φορές την εβδομάδα, ΚΑΘΕ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ και ΠΕΜΠΤΗ στις 7μ.μ. ώρα Αγγλίας, καθώς επίσης και ΝΕΟ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ στα ελληνικά δύο φορές τον μήνα, κάθε δεύτερο Σάββατο στις 7μ.μ. ώρα Ελλάδος.



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