Spring Decorate with me in the kitchen and dining room! I am continuing the European cottage theme into the kitchen for spring and I hope it helps give you lots of ideas. Follow me on LTK https://liketk.it/445D1

Spring Living room https://youtu.be/bd393rRWbq0
Spring Decor https://liketk.it/43HfY

cream stone vase https://rstyle.me/+kacRfNSe2vfhYqOVenjMrQ
other shape https://rstyle.me/+b2ZHHpjyvlLS2EnK4XBdgw
greenery https://rstyle.me/+yHVeJrib6lpLZuW7iLuBjg
cream canisters https://rstyle.me/+ghRRDzoH_AT6LBSds3qatg
grey stone vase https://rstyle.me/+_X_vHmMGAmG-RnKB9_b8Ig
round option https://rstyle.me/+a-xqZFCc3Hbg-zfgpCKfoQ
black bowl https://rstyle.me/+91G5uyOguA3g1JIQSXPtjQ
cutting boards https://go.magik.ly/ml/1r0jr/
cute glasses https://rstyle.me/+_GMbQgLitFmjjCHxiUVa7Q

arch mirror https://rstyle.me/+1gj4ebwUhis3wmfaiHv7jg
vase – home goods
green/flowers used https://go.magik.ly/ml/1rr14/
new curtains https://rstyle.me/+GWaZ-XrG1IKy8a73r-GuSQ
rod https://www.amazon.com/shop/mommafromscratch
rings https://rstyle.me/+c0Y-rJaJPwUzUTY2mmFBSA
decorative basket tray https://rstyle.me/+bnNrKP1ZFQ4KqLOhmjFVvg

basket similar https://rstyle.me/+ee92GlGR68lkKS0KnL9eEg
pink roses https://go.magik.ly/ml/1rr17/
pink flowers https://go.magik.ly/ml/1rr19/
large cutting board https://rstyle.me/+oJEgJuxRSHYZiUleEEl7gg
salt pepper https://rstyle.me/+bh1uP5d-7HLT1wV8Kol05A

counter stools https://rstyle.me/+pd2qyfXz0iHX0Fe77-pJRA
dining light https://rstyle.me/+7mUf5J8lLiWnp4_IBYVnew
pendant light https://rstyle.me/+eJw24otXIgobgYPBbwK-TQ
chairs https://rstyle.me/+h-fI3jzbjs_qxQl-jIxK0Q
gold knobs https://rstyle.me/+b5aXLMGEOsrYP6D4lHdpfg
gold handles https://rstyle.me/+D87RKVXHFHS6nCuu7FaCOw

my top https://rstyle.me/+yaDAQ7IQgMfi4Ybtuwwzhw

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Clara Mitchell

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