It is true that many of us spend far too much time indoors and this applies specifically to young children and young adults who are constantly on their smartphones playing games and surfing the Internet. It’s really difficult to get kids to go outside anymore and because there are so many overprotective parents, they too don’t encourage the children to get outside into the sunshine and to experience nature and everything that it has to offer. If it were at all possible, the Internet should be switched off all around Australia for at least an hour a day to encourage people to get outside and to be together more.

You’ve probably heard your parents and your grandparents talk about the many picnics that they had outside when they were young and all they needed were some picnic rugs Australia, something to eat and something to drink and everyone was incredibly happy. The days of having picnics outside are few and far between and so as the head of the family, it is up to you to bring back this fantastic Australian past time so that families can spend more quality time together. If your kids are fighting you on this notion and you need to justify to them about the many health benefits of spending more time outside then the following can help.

Spending More Time Outside

  • For a better night’s sleep – If there is one thing that we can take away from the past 2 to 3 years where we were restricted to where we could go and what we could do, it is the notion that we all need to get more sunlight in order to be able to strengthen our immune systems. By exposing yourself to sunlight while sitting enjoying a picnic on your picnic rug, you are also addressing any sleep issues that you might have and sunlight is completely free so enjoy it while it lasts. It always pays to invest in a good mattress to help in the sleeping process.
  • More opportunities to exercise – If you decide to go to a national park or even a local park for your family picnic then it can be a good idea to take a long a football and maybe a frisbee. The fact that you and the kids outside will lead to more opportunities for exercise because it is difficult to ignore a football is a frisbee that is sitting right there in front of you and nobody is playing with it.
  • It’s great for mind & body – There is something about spending time outside is incredibly good for you both physically and mentally. We lead very high stress lives and so anything that can get outside into nature should be embraced wholeheartedly. We all just need some time to be able to switch off and hopefully put down our devices if even for just a short while.

The wonderful thing about deciding to have a picnic is that picnic rugs are incredibly affordable and it’s not too hard to fill up a cooler with some tasty food and some cold beverages. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince the kids to go to the park for the day if you have some of their favourite snacks inside and then you can encourage them to take part in some activities as well.

Clara Mitchell

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