A commercial locksmith provides services for industrial and commercial customers. They may also provide residential locksmith services. A commercial locksmith opens and changes traditional keyed locks, but they also service electronic locks, digital locks, master key installations, and access control systems. Locksmithing goes back to ancient Egypt and has evolved through the years as locks and keys have changed forms. Continue reading to understand the services a commercial locksmith provides. 

Commercial Services

Commercial locksmiths, such as those at actionlockdoc.com, understand security solutions for commercial and industrial companies. Typically, they will service and install locks, security gates and grilles, CCTV, access control systems, and alarms. Some even offer safe services, fire door installation, master key systems, and fire alarm and protection. 

Master Keying

Commercial locksmiths are able to provide a company with a single master key that will lock all doors within the property. Because this one master key locks and unlocks all doors, there is no need to carry a large ring of keys around. Master keys are especially helpful for larger retail spaces. 

Rekeying Locks

Owners who want to change the locks on the doors of a commercial building without having to change the entire locking mechanism can have the locks rekeyed. A commercial locksmith will provide new keys to match the reconfigured locks. Rekeying locks is much less expensive than installing new ones.

Door Services

A commercial locksmith can repair doors that may be malfunctioning. They can install new doors, repair doors, and replace door frames and closers. They can also fix emergency exits or disabled exits.

Safe Installation and Changes

Some businesses have a safe for storing money or important documents. A safe’s effectiveness is determined by its quality and how well it has been installed. A commercial locksmith can also help with regular maintenance to ensure the safe stays secure. A locksmith may change the safe combination regularly for the best security. Locksmiths know the leading brands of safes and which ones will best suit a company’s needs.

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Advanced Technology

Commercial locksmiths can install panic bars. Panic bars go over emergency exits for fast release in the case of an emergency. Magnetic locks, or mag locks, use magnets to lock doors. Mag locks can be difficult to pry open. Electric strikers enable a commercial owner to unlock or lock doors manually or automatically. A good locksmith will be up to date on technology and able to install and repair any number of systems.

Key Cutting

One of the easier jobs of a locksmith is cutting keys. They can replace a broken key and make additional keys cut from a copy. They can sometimes even make a key from the lock itself. Making new keys is much less expensive than replacing locks in a building. 

Lock-Out Assistance

If a commercial owner is locked out of their business, a commercial locksmith can help. They will try to pick the lock first. If that doesn’t work, they can take the lock apart and put in a new one. 

Desk Locks

Offices have many cabinets and desk locks. These locks can deteriorate, and be difficult, if not impossible, to use. A commercial locksmith can repair, replace, or upgrade the locks in cabinets and desks. 

As you can see, commercial locksmiths do much more than install locks and copy keys. If your business needs help with the above-mentioned security issues, call a locksmith today. 

Clara Mitchell

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